Why is my pool water green and how do I put it right?

Green swimming pool water is mainly caused by a build-up of algae and the lack of chlorine, to rectify this problem a shock treatment of un-stabilised chlorine is necessary with the filtration system left running. An added flocculant with help to clear the water. A high stabiliser level could be a concern. Follow this link to read more about chlorine and stabiliser.

Why is my pool cloudy and how do I rectify it?

The main reasons a swimming pool goes cloudy are poor filtration, low chlorine or a wrong Ph level. To rectify this, check your filtration system is working efficiently (when was the filter media last changed?) and your chemicals are balanced by using a good quality test kit or test strips and add the necessary chemicals to balance Ph and Alkalinity, then check the free chlorine level. Once these things are completed then an un-stabilised chlorine shock treatment with the help of an added flocculant maybe necessary. Follow this link for more information on chlorine and stabiliser.

How do I clean a really dirty swimming pool floor?

If the bottom of your swimming pool gets really dirty with leaves and debris, then the best thing to do is net out the leaves and as much debris as possible, then vacuum the bottom of the swimming pool via the waste setting on your multiport valve. This will by-pass the filter and send the dirt directly out to waste. 

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