Do I need to drain my pool and why?

If the chemical levels are kept correctly, then there will be no need to regularly drain your swimming pool other than when lowering the water level to just below the skimmer when winterising the swimming pool. The other times would be when refurbishing your pool or fittings or if the stabiliser (cyanuric acid) level is too high. There are no chemicals to lower this level and so draining off some water will be necessary. Follow this link for more information on swimming pool stabiliser.

How long should my filtration system be running for?

Filtration run times depend on the size of your filter and pump, but other factors like bather load, oils & lotions, debris & leaves and the temperature of the water can also affect the amount of time your filtration needs to run for.

Why should I brush the sides of my swimming pool?

Brushing the sides and bottom of the swimming pool will reduce the build-up of algae. It will brush the algae and bacteria into the water allowing the free chlorine to kill it.

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