Pre-Tailored Swimming Pool Liner

Liner pool construction is a more cost effective alternative than using the all concrete method, with the vinyl pool liner being the waterproofing membrane, therefore allowing the pool shell to be of a lighter build quality, but can give a similar and very attractive finished appearance to your swimming pool design.

Liner pool walls can be built either using concrete walling blocks or bolt together panels made from either resin or galvanised steel or from timber panels (see timber pools section). A layer of lightweight foam can then be applied for both heat retention and to protect the liner from wear.



Vinyl liners are available in various thickness and are factory welded to accurate plans.

With many different colours and patterns to choose from the customer can have their own custom design.

Below are a few of the many different patterns for pre-tailored liners

Here are some of the tilebands for pre-tailored liners

                                Working with the pioneers, Pools and Gardens can now incorporate lined steps into a pre-tailored liner. The benefits are enormous, for renovating old and new pools where a less expensive option than a fibreglass or acrylic step is desired. Moreover, the problem of matching the colour of the liner to the colour of the step disappears.



Almost any size and shape of step can be lined in this way, as long as clear and accurate drawings are supplied. The only stipulation is that there must be an absolute minimum of 6” (0.15cm) of water covering the top step in order to prevent movement of the liner.


Below are a selection of possible step designs 

 Corner   Curved   Inside   Roman   Square

          Corner                  Curved                  Inside                Roman                Square


 Anti Slip Material

We strongly suggest anti silp material for step treads, Diving Blocks and Shallow areas.        The material conforms to the European Standard EN 13451 -1 and achieves the highest safety classification (Class C) for slip resistance. For incorporation into pretailored pool liners.

Colours available: White, Ice Blue, Blue, Sand, Light Grey and Dark Grey

Anti Slip Material Colours


Motifs & Logos

Why not make your pool liner unique and special by adding a printed motif. Just supply us with the high resolution artwork or, if your have something in mind, like a dolphin, just give us a call to discuss.

Simple motifs can be welded onto the liner. We have a selection of motifs such as a turtle, seahorse, sealion, butterfly and dolphin.

Dolphin   Seahorse   Turtle

    Dolphin                        Seahorse                     Turtle

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